List of Books I’ve read – 2013

Here’ s the list of some books I’ve read during this year, not much, but I thought it would be nice to share with readers a list of authors and books they might like to discover in 2014.

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L’art contextuel – Paul Ardenne.
Ulysse from Bagdad – Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt.
La vie est ailleurs – Milan Kundera.
La valse aux adieux – Milan Kundera.
La plaisanterie – Milan Kundera.
Un long chemin vers la liberté – Nelson Mandela.
L’Obsesseur – Paul Verlaine.
Une page d’histoire – Romain Gary.
Les villes invisibles – Italo Calvino.
L’ABCdaire de la calligraphie arabe – Flammarion.
The little book of Dali – Flammarion.
Gregoire Haddad évêque laïc, évêque rebelle – Michel Touma.
B.B. King – Sebastian Danchin.
La route des abeilles – Rami Ollaik.
It’s not how good you are, It’s how good you want to be – Paul Arden
Packaging the brand.
The perfumed garden – Raafat Majzoub. [ The Outpost]
Une vie de pintade à Beyrouth – Muriel Rozelier.
Titeuf [BD] – Dieu, le sexe et les bretelles – Zep.
Titeuf [BD] – Titeuf à la folie – Zep.
Titeuf [BD] – Nadia se marie – Zep.
Titeuf [BD] – La loi du préau – Zep.
Titeuf [BD] – Lachez moi le slip – Zep.
يوميّات تائه – مصطفى جحا
[portal 9] الخروج من البوابات الثمانية إلى عمران المدينة – وضّاح شرارة  
بناية متيلد – حسن داوود

I am not the best in writing reviews and stuff like that but briefly, reading Milan Kundera was a true delight! I enjoyed every part of every book ( I officially finished all his novels and I’m willing to start reading it again).  In ” La vie est ailleurs”, a satire of the young poet, Kundera tells us the story of Jaromil, the boy who , from the day he was “conceived” was meant to become a poet: a ridiculous anti-hero, innocent and horrible at the same time. A poet who was a victim of the communist revolution, a poet who,wherever he goes, is always linked to his mother in a way or another.

Some passages that made me smile:

       “Il avait lu dans la célèbre méditation de Schopenhauer qu’un menton rentré est un trait particulièrement repoussant car c’est justement par son menton proéminent que l’homme se distingue du singe. Mais ensuite il decouvrit une photographie de Rilke et il constata que Rilke aussi avait le menton rentré, ce qui lui apporta un précieux réconfort. Il se regardait longuement dans le miroir et se débattait désespérément dans cet espace gigantesque entre le singe et Rilke.”
        “Maman je t’en prie, ne te fache pas […] Il est craintivement agenouillé auprès de son lit et caresse ses joues humides. ( Charles Baudelaire, tu auras quarante ans et tu auras encore peur de ta mère!) 
       “ ne pas avoir des parents est la condition première de la liberté.”
       “Il existe un certain nombre de questions féminines classiques, que tout homme rencontre tôt ou tard dans sa vie et auxquelles les établissements d’enseignement devraient préparer les jeunes gens.” 

I read books about Dali, B.B. king, Nelson Mandela, Gregoire Haddad, Rami Ollaik…
Reading Nelson Mandela’s autobiography gets you very emotional, living with Madiba each event. His speeches give you goosebumps, as if you were there standing with the masses listening to this great legend. It’s a must.
I also loved MonSeigneur Gregoire Haddad thanks to Michel Touma, a laic man who started the civil movement, and a very tolerant christian who was rejected by church and who was misunderstood.

TITEUF stories are SOOO FUNNY!!!! You just can’t stop laughing.
Une vie de pintade à Beyrouth is also a very funny book about women in Lebanon – a good book to read while having a sunbath at the beach :)

I recommend as well the Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. I am not sure I will know how and what to say about it, although I always get excited every time I want to share with someone a story or an idea I read in this book. I’ll just shut up and say you go read it. It’s about ” the random events that underlie our lives, from bestsellers to world disasters. Their impact is huge, they’re nearly impossible to predict, yet after they happen we always try to rationalize them.” A very interesting book, with a bit of satire and irony, provoking economists and men in formal suits :)

This is all for this year, I hope you all found a bit of time to read nice stuff in the not so good 2013 ( or so good, dunno).  Read something and let me know, I would love to go for a coffee and talk about it, especially Kundera’s!!

What about you? any book you would like to recommend? :)


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