I want to be Antonia brico for one night

In 1927, Antonia Brico was one of the first females to graduate with a master class in conducting. She worked with several orchestras like the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic, the Helsinki Symphony Orchestra and many more. I was watching yesterday a documentary film about this amazing woman called Antonia: A Portrait of the Woman made by Jill Godmilow and folk singer Judy Collins and I thought of sharing this with you: Here’s the part two of the six-part documentary.

She started the New York Women’s Symphony Orchestra, consisting entirely of female musicians in 1934.
” I’m gonna form a women symphony, and they said you’ll never find enough instruments but i did, we had our first concert in town hall; Then finally i said that’s fine however i want people to mix in orchestra as they do in life, men and women mix in life and they should do in orchestra. I have proven my point that women can play in every category of the orchestra now i want a mix “

Antonia Brico, i love you. And here’s one of my illustrations for you.

enveloppe moule




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