Hello everyone,

I always wanted to write about public spaces here but I was still not sure, and didn’t have the time…

To begin, you all know that, by definition,  a garden is a ” Ground laid out with flowers, trees, and ornamental shrubs and used for recreation or display” , a public space is a place open for everyone ( no fees) where they can sit, mingle, read a book etc…

So, our dear new municipality wanted to make for us, gardens, public spaces, a sort of downtown where everyone can meet, celebrate. It sounded like ” WOW, we’re gonna finally have some nice gardens here! ” They started working a year ago, make out of a “small leftover land” a piazza. Well, Why was it that small little land ( and  i mean it, very small..wish I have a picture) ? Because our municipality (the ra2isa actually) discovered a memorial from the 20s (1925) for 3 french doctors who were helping  during World War I and who died in a car accident in that particular place. Anyway, after this great discovery of our lovely ra2isa, She decided to renovate this left land and call it ” sahat dahaya hawades alsayr ” in memory of all the people who were victims of car accidents.

However, What’s really cool is that, this garden is very mineral, it has no trees, barely some plants, no flowers, no grass… You just find a sort of very old phallic concrete rock which became  the” Ain Saadé Sacred monument”. In addition to that, not even a little bench or some chairs , not a single box to sit on and rest,  nor a pergola to protect you from the burning sun… and the ” WOW, we’re gonna finally have some nice gardens over here! ” started to vanish :)

I would like to thank on behalf of myself ( and myself only ) my dear municipality who seemed to care pretty much about its citizens. Thank you for that lovely relaxing space in the middle of nowhere, on a crossroad. Thank you for trying to create for us  a fake downtown away from the people, the residents, the souk, the actual “centre ville historique de Ain Saadeh” because let me tell you that  the center of a town isn’t its geographical location, but the center where people usually meet, walk, buy, eat a man2ouché, or a djéj mechwi sandwish, where youth find a place to play foot, ride bikes, where scouts sing out loud their lovely chants… Thank you for all the festivities you’re organizing in that empty “sacred memorial land ” you care about so much.

I’m out I should go prepare myself , prepare the saxophone . We’re gonna play for you Ain saadeh and walk till we reach the promised land. That sacred small Eden garden I just talked to you about. Join us there..Join us!

Ain Saadeh sacred monument.
Picture taken from


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