Laique Pride ” لقحّوا أطفالكم ضدّ الطائفية “


The laique pride march is an annual march to fight against the confessional system in Lebanon and to have a secular country that separates religion and politics. Our demands are a civil society, a unified Civil Code for the Personal Status Law, the right of Lebanese women to grant their nationality to their children and husbands, abolishment of the article 522 ( concerning rape), civil marriage, and many more basic rights we should have!

Some of you might laugh, criticize those kind of causes. We always hear those ” eh hlamo, haha libnen ‘élméné” or the ” enté ba3dik zghiré ‘am tehlamé w ma btefhame bil siyese wel hayét” (very true…),  ” eh biyéthakkamo fikoun ento el neswen btemcho ‘al ‘émiyéné, boukra min battil mawjoudin bhal balad!” “biyéklouna”. Some people on the other hand use eggs :) …This is what happened during the march where someone threw eggs on the secularists! Funny enough…

Anyway, I personally realize that having a secular country will take time, and this have to come with education, how to raise the future generations in order to have a healthy community, intellectual and wise citizens that know how to rebuild our Lebanon. You just have to be more ambitious, less hopeless and try to work for your country rather than escaping far away.

Here are some photos i took during the march (no editing).



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