My own project

Today, I’m gonna write about my own project: ” Rose Bonbon”

It all started in July 2010 when, my friend Rouba and I decided to start doing handmade accessories and sell it..well, in other words, start our own new business. That way we could raise some money and let the people enjoy wearing beautiful designs made by us! We worked all summer on bracelets, necklaces, rings… and prepared a good collection to expose at our First stand in the Maraya festival in Hamra! Paintings by Rouba also decorated our booth and added so much happiness and life to our stand. It was a real success!

Rose Bonbon is one year old now. Working on new designs, new collections, I will be having an event on Saturday 13 of august to expose my work, only this time alone, at café De Prague – Hamra. you can pass by anytime between 1:30 and 6:00 pm and check our little corner!


3 responses to “My own project

  1. well done :D

    mannek hayneh :D

    just one tip – ur gonna have many “new projects” in the future , so the title should be different, something like – Rose bobon goes to prague

    or new project: rose bobon etc

    keep up the great work btw :)

  2. wow good for you :D
    My mom makes accessories too and i try (but fail) to market them [our page on facebook : Raja’a Faux Bijoux ] :P
    anyways how much did the renting the stand cost you or was it for free ?
    PS i like the painting of the black girl (Y)

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