Insanities in beirut.

Today is a day full of surprises – although we are used to this here in Lebanon, But yes I was checking my facebook account and there was that post someone published saying  the “EGG” or city center in downtown Beirut is going  to be destroyed in the coming days and will probably vanish into history. There was also a petition people should sign to stop this insanity. I’m not sure  this petition is gonna lead to anything but We should do something. Beirut is losing its identity. Old houses, important buildings and architectures in our city’s history are being demolished every day. We are destroying our Heritage, erasing our past and our history! Shame, shame , shame!  Pity our nation when we see politicians and companies killing Beirut for their own benefits, to get richer and richer!  shouldn’t we mobilize before it’s too late? before our city becomes a place with no meaning, no importance!!

Anyway, what was more chocking today was Zeid Hamdan’s status on facebook:

Message from Zeid in prison: Dear friends, I am now in the prison of the police station of the palace of justice in Beirut because of my song “General Soleiman”. They are prosecuting me for defamation of President Soleiman. I don’t know, until when I am staying in prison. Please mobilize!

This is Hilarious. First, I thought it’s a joke , and apparently Zeid likes to have fun with his fans. But after seeing people’s comments I was not believing what i read! Yes Zeid Hamdan the famous musician was arrested today because of a song called ” General Suleiman”  released TWO YEARS AGO!! More than 65 000 people watched the video’s track on youtube  and it’s now the  General Security in Lebanon decides to Arrest this free artist! It’s very sad when you see there’s no true freedom in expressing what you think. Fake democracy, fake liberty.. Plus This song didn’t even mean to criticize The President Michel Suleiman. It’s a song that aims to point every politician in general, every bad politician!

Beirut is not even losing its stories and its memories but its artists, and its people who will leave to another country, a more decent place where freedom of speech is respected!



3 responses to “Insanities in beirut.

  1. The third insanity was also that Beirut “Grand Theater” was leveled today. This 1930s theater that hosted legends like Oum Koulsoum, Fairouz and the famous Bolchoi, will be turned into a boutique hotel. Today is a day of mourning. I think greed and madness are striking again.

  2. Corinne, thumbs up!

    This post is really interesting in its contents, I like it so much that you clarified your ideas in a post so that many people would open their eyes.
    Politicians are the most dangerous stupid persons ever. And as long as politicians govern, there will never be justice in here, even on Earth! They lie to us, kill, make wars, steal and most of all manipulate us and steal our freedom.
    We are living in hell, so I don’t understand how people are afraid of the religious “Hell”.
    Destroying the old city is wrong, because Beirut need to have an authenticity, a history, a life. The old parts need to exist with the new parts of Beirut, the old should be balanced with the new. Then comes beauty… I believe architects are blind.

    Anyway my last word to say is that Sanity needs to be balanced by Insanity: Opposites meet and balance… BUT this was really a frustrating surprise!

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