Beirut by bus…


 Today was a really hot sunny day, I took the red bus from Ashrafieh to go back home. And I can really say the roads in Lebanon are astonishing!  Too much traffic, too much noise…

I was sitting there, near an old woman, looking through the window and watching every single detail in the city -people sitting on the balcony with the flannel, young boys on little vespas, cars drifting anytime anywhere, old people sitting under the bridge watching the passengers come and go, kids running and playing in the middle of the streets, people selling oranges in their caravans…- It’s hot and I’m here watching the buildings, no space, no trees, no public spaces, Nothing!! I think someone should come up with a serious urban planning project aiming to change  the general look of our city where gardens, public spaces, roads will be built in a good way. I was listening to my music on the ipod with a maximum volume and still I couldn’t hear it!  The cars were honking! There’s no way someone could possibly stand the ” Zammour “!!  Actually, I do love Beirut and its non stop activity but seriously there’s too much work to be done; even when it comes to public transportation… black fogs were spread everywhere each time the bus stops, well this is Hilarious! Please could you tell me when are we going to have some respectful public transportation here, with bus-stops and everything that has to do with good transportation that helps the people circulate more easily?

I think I’d better hear my music right now, and try to enjoy Yasmine Hamdan’s voice rocking my ears! Oh And I can say that for once in my lifetime, I’m not obliged to listen  to ” halawa” and “Samra” while coming back home. Yes you guessed it, the radio is turned off today! what a miracle! Thank god…less ear pollution today with the daily noise of our beloved city!


5 responses to “Beirut by bus…

  1. i used to discover beirut by bus

    the ticket used to cost 500 LL – we’d go for long distance – go down somewhere to walk around and discover – favorite was bus number 2 passing by ashrafiyeh and hamra.

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