Geeky week!

Monday 11 july,

 My fourth day at the girl geek camp. We’ve been learning for 4 days about technolgy, how to take photographs, tips for a good video, and tactics to control computers,networks and programs. Who knows? I might hack google one day!

So basically, this camp was organized for young girls by a feminist NGO called     ” Nasawiya ” to let the ladies become more involved in technologies, social media and improve their skills in the geeky stuff! So by this, they can be the change in the world! Quoting Jeff Antaya, chief marketing officer of Plante Moran, “The Social media is like a snowball rolling down the hill. It’s picking up speed. Five years from now, it’s going to be the standard.” and that’s why it’s really important to be more involved in tecks, internet etc…

Honestly, I didn’t use to care about phones, programs and softwares but now, after four LONG  days  of concentrated sessions by great qualified trainers I’m really starting to be more and more interested in the new upcoming programs!

Well, there’s more 3 days before this camp ends! and I’m really starting to like day after day the girls, the trainers, l’Auberge at Kfardebiyan! It’s a great awesome experience every girl must try! A program that awares young teens, teach them about the  “Tech basics” ,  makes them stronger, more confident and sure about thereselves to face the world and his difficulties. Girls learn also how to live in a comunity, how to debate and share ideas respecting other’s opinions, and most of all it pushes them to become ACTIVISTS, FEMINISTS fighting for people’s rights and be envolved in social causes!

Here’s the link to the Girl Geek Camp! you’d better join it NOW!

geeky love!


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