Dear people…Hi!

 As you noticed, this is my first post in the new blog! I’ll be writing little stories, sharing my music, my art, my silly stuff you might like, and a bit of my crazy thoughts. Thanks to “nasawiya”  and the geek camp i am now starting my new little place! I love art, music, janis joplin, ice cream, hamra, bob, photography, pens, africa, rastafarism, meditation, Freud, ice tea peach etc… I’m a violinist, a pianist and I recently started to learn how to jam on a saxophone!

 I like diplomacy life as well, I believe we CAN change the world…and I will! you might say my ambitions are crazy, my dreams are impossible but there’ s a french proverb that says ” Soyons realistes, demandons l’ impossible!”  yes we may not reach the impossible but it will always be that light who guides us to our goals!

Anyway,  that sums up my interests, and myself in general.

Let’s hope my sharings will be interesting, funny and useful !

Sincerely, ME!


8 responses to “no.1

  1. congrats on your first post! i wish you all the best in your “blogging” journey :) btw this page is now first on my favourites ;)

  2. Corinne! I love your new blog idea… I’m sure you’re gonna post very interesting stuff and unique stories that come to your heart.

    Changing the world… I really hope so :p

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